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The Solido Pizza Stone With its EXCLUSIVE Heat Spiral has been especially engineered and designed by Solido Baking to instantly turn your standard oven into a genuine pizzeria oven. Our mission: allow you to blow away your friends and family with AWESOME pizza. To make you THE CHEF. Unique Heat Spiral The SOLIDO Rectangular Pizza

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The With its EXCLUSIVE Heat Spiral has been especially engineered and designed by Solido to instantly turn your standard into a genuine pizzeria .
Our mission: allow you to blow away your friends and family with AWESOME pizza. To make you THE .

Unique Heat Spiral
The SOLIDO Rectangular Pizza Stone has a feature not found on any other baking stone on the market today, and it’s the secret to making true pizzeria-quality gourmet pies (and bread, or yummie cookies!) every time.

A Fit
(Dimensions: 14″ by 16″. Thickness: stone 0,75″ + bottom feet/spiral 0,35″.)
Absolutely: this baking stone fits all standard . What’s more: it’s rectangular shape gives you a larger surface over round pizza pans or stones. Think big!

Say Goodbye To Bad Crust For Good
With its revolutionary Heat Spiral, the SOLIDO Rectangular Pizza Stone solves the crust problem for good. The spiral design at the bottom of our pizza stone isn’t just for showing off. While certainly stylish, it’s designed to be ruthlessly functional! The Heat Spiral allows your pizza stone to:
– Heat up faster than the average pizza stone
– Retain more heat in the center of the pizza stone

Oven, BBQ or : Your Choice
The SOLIDO Rectangular Pizza Stone With Speed Spiral is the finest quality pizza stone that money can buy. Only the best materials are used for our baking stone, so it can withstand extremely high temperatures (up to 2000°F!) – way higher than you could ever fire that BBQ or Grill.

Bring The Pizzeria Home
Wow your friends and family with pizza that is so perfect they’ll swear you ordered delivery from the best pizzeria in town!

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Product Features

  • PERFECT FOR PIZZA, BREAD, COOKIES. Through incredible extensive testing and trying, we know you’ll get superb results every single time. Be ready to blow away your friends and family with AWESOME pizza.
  • A MATCH FOR YOUR OVEN, BBQ, OR GRILL. Easily beating every round pizza stone or pizza pan, this baking stone has a bigger surface area, yet still fits all standard ovens.
  • EVERY BITE IS PERFECTION. Our EXCLUSIVE heat spiral heats your Solido pizza stone faster and stores heat in the center. This means you’ll cook the toppings in the middle just as deeply and flavorful as the ones on the edges. And yes: works for ready-made frozen pizza as well!
  • UNPARALLELED QUALITY. The Solido cooking stone combines its UNIQUE heat spiral with beautifully crafted feet on the underside to keep the stone balanced, giving you superior grip and easy maneuverability.
  • WE GOT YOUR BACK. Awesome tried-and-tested recipes, Top Tips and Tricks and all the support and instructions you’ll ever need: ALL YOURS when you buy the Solido pizza stone from its creator and manufacturer: Solido baking! So hit the ADD TO CART button now. (Don’t forget to add the Solido Pizza as well!!)


Anonymous says:

GREAT PIZZA STONE – PERIOD! I just bought a couple of these stones – one for my house in the States and the other for my house in the Caribbean (Nevis). I’m a pizza guy from way back where I started working years ago for a guy named Tom Monahan and his brother James at their first hole-in-the-wall pizza place called DomiNicks when I was a freshman in college. Tom brought out his brother and changed the name to – you know – Dominos! Fast forward many, many years – I’ve owned an Wine Spectator Award, beach front…

Anonymous says:

Great stone! Was looking for baking stone replace one I’ve had for over 10 years. I bake a lot of pizza and bread so I needed one that would stand up to wear and tear I would put on it. The ones I found in the typically kitchenware stores were cheap and thin (I’ve tried those before and they are a waste of money).I was a little skeptical when I read all of the great reviews for this stone. I thought to myself, “how much do these folks REALLY use the stone? Occasionally pizza?”. After reading the…

Anonymous says:

Great product for making great food… What a beautiful product that also happens to make top notch pizza! You can definitely tell that this product is very well made with quality materials. It’s heavy, but not too heavy, and definitely heated our pizza to perfection. Can’t wait to try it for cookies next! Oh, I also wanted to add that it’s quite nice to look at so we actually just leave it out on display in our kitchen. Thanks Solido!

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