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This is an upgrade from the ilFornino Basic Series pizza oven. Traditional Napolitano Oven with a Modern Look. The dome is a double wall heavy gauge stainless steel filled with 2 layers of refractory ceramic fiber insulation blanket. This will help in heating up the oven quickly and retaining the heat for long hours. High

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This is an upgrade from the Basic . Traditional Napolitano with a Modern Look. The dome is a double wall heavy gauge steel filled with 2 layers of refractory ceramic fiber blanket. This will help in heating up the quickly and retaining the heat for long hours. High Grade 430 Stainless Steel construction. One-Flat--Surface. The ilFornino Series flooring is made from 1 ½” thick refractory pizza stone, same flooring used in commercial ovens. Heats up in as little as 30 minutes and retains the temperature for an extended time. This makes it economical using less to burn. On average you can cook a pizza in less than 70 seconds.ilFornino Professional Series is proudly assembled from local materials in Valley Cotage, New York. It includes a Professional , a Brush, and a Manual. Stand dimensions: 43 ¾” L x 31″ W x 30″ H. dimensions: 46 ½” L x 30 ¾” W. Height with chimney stack is 84″H. Height of cart is 30″ H. Cooking area is about 1007 square inches. Fits 3 large pies or 6 small size pies. Ships Fully assembled except for Chimney.

Product Features

  • ilFornino Professional Series- is an upgrade from the ilFornino basic pizza oven. Many upgrades to all the reviews received from ilFornino basic.
  • High Grade Stainless Steel construction 430 Stainless with a gauge. Higher gage Stainless Steel than the original ilFornino basic oven.
  • ilFornino Professional Series is made with high-density insulation that will keep your oven 5 times more insulated than the traditional pizza oven. Two heavy ceramic blankets insulation layered between the double wall of stainless steel dome plus a third layer of ceramic insulation for optimum heat retention.
  • Locally made fire bricks provide a great cooking surface and durability. Total cooking area about 1007 square inches..
  • ilFornino Professional is assembled in Valley Cottage New York. It is an upgrade to ilFornino basic. Ready to cook in 22 minutes! Comes with Professional Peel- 1 Brush.


Anonymous says:

Best alternative to brick and mortar! It took me a while to post a recommendation. Had to learn how it ticks. Dont be stingy with wood. Let this puppy glow, it can take it. Cant beat this price and quality. Nice solid package, easy to transport, guys thought of everything. Even the pizza peel is perfect. Could use a foot longer handle tho.

Anonymous says:

Il Fornino fixed it!! When I received this stainless steel oven, I loved it. Shortly thereafter, some of the screws and washers began to rust. I contacted ilFornino to complain. They apologized and acknowledged they had received a substandard batch of hardware from one of their suppliers.. ilFornino’s rep quickly sent me replacement parts and a credit.I am happy again and still love this pizza oven. (So does my family.) Recommended.

Anonymous says:

Quality unit…LIKE! We cooked our first pizzas in it last night! It did a much better job than I expected for my first attempt. Though I don’t recommend touching the outside, when the chamber was 500+degrees, the outside was still cool enough to touch. That could and I’ll change as the interior insulation eventually gets heat soaked. I’m very impressed with the fit and quality of the construction of this oven, and I’m fussy about things like that! We’ve had a half dozen pizza parties so far and they’ve been…

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