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January 8, 2020 - Comment

Time for a pizza party! These great pizza peels will help you make enough pizza for everybody, whether it’s your kids or your restaurant, without burning your hands or arms getting the pizza into the oven. Whether you prefer aluminum or wood, we have a great peel that will be perfect for you. Available in

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Time for a party! These great peels will help you make enough for everybody, whether it’s your kids or your restaurant, without burning your hands or arms getting the into the . Whether you prefer aluminum or , we have a great that will be for you. Available in several sizes and lengths.

Product Features

  • Quality – made from durable natural Birchwood.
  • Uses – perfect for lifting pizzas, cakes, bread, cupcakes or muffin pans out of the oven, while keeping Hands and arms away from the heat.
  • Tapered edge – half-inch blade edge designed to easily slide under pizza.
  • Sizes – available in several sizes and lengths, with square or round blades.
  • Easy to clean – hand wash only.


Anonymous says:

Very happy so far I used this peel today for the first time. I stretched my dough (8.0 oz dough to 11” diameter) on a lightly floured counter. I dusted the peel generously with corn meal and then transferred the dough onto the peel by hand. I sauced and cheesed the dough on the peel, and then slid the pie onto the stone in a 500 degree oven. It slid off the peel instantly. When the pie was done, I lifted the front edge off of the stone with a metal spatula and slid the peel underneath. No problem. It was…

Anonymous says:

Good Pizza ‘Ap-peel’ I purchased two peels–14×16 ($18) & 12×14 ($14). The 12×14 is probably all I need. Both arrived in good shape. Before using the 12×14 peel, I sanded it with 220 grip sand paper. The 12×14 peel is the perfect size for my 8oz dough balls. I had no problem moving pizzas from the peel to the cooking steel in the oven. However, I do use a bit of flour and semolina on the peel.I attached some photos: new peel out of the package, peel with pizza, completed pepperoni/sausage pizza on a…

Anonymous says:

Strange chemical smell The product itself is simple and looks well designed. But it has a clinging, strong chemical odor that has remained even after a couple of washings in warm soapy water. I don’t feel 100% safe cooking with it and plan to return it ASAP.

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