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December 19, 2019 - Comment

Ooni Koda is perfect for outdoor entertaining – at home or on the go, this portable pizza oven is our lightest yet, weighing just 20.4lbs. This makes Ooni Koda the perfect camping oven and one of the most innovative tailgating accessories on the market. This propane oven comes with a pizza stone but other pizza

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is perfect for entertaining – at home or on the go, this is our lightest yet, weighing just 20.4lbs. This makes Koda the perfect oven and one of the most innovative tailgating accessories on the market. This propane oven comes with a pizza but other pizza oven accessories such as an pizza and camp accessories such as an oven cover can be purchased separately.

Bring your pizza game to any outdoor party thanks to Ooni Koda’s award-winning, portable design, crafted for ultimate speed, convenience and ease of use. Featuring instant gas ignition, Ooni Koda is ready to cook in 15 minutes and can reach temperatures up to 932°F (500°C). Use the heat control dial to cook Neapolitan-style pizza in just 60 seconds, right through to roasted fish, vegetables and steaks.

Ooni has received amazing reviews from the press and customers all over the world. Our multi-award-winning pizza are the ultimate outdoor tool: easy-to-use and fun.

Product Features

  • Ooni pizza ovens are designed for outdoor cooking and our new gas pizza oven – Ooni Koda – is the perfect outdoor oven
  • Our Ooni pizza oven is much more than a pizza cooker – use your pizza ovens to roast meat, fish and vegetables
  • Convenient: Ooni Koda can fire up in 15 minutes and cook 13″ pizzas simply by turning a dial
  • Gas-powered: the built-in gas ignition means instant flames, with an adjustable heat control dial for effortless cooking
  • High heats: the insulated steel shell means optimum heat retention, so Ooni Koda is ready to go within 15 minutes


Anonymous says:

Update: Nearly impossible to get proper browning Update: Since my original review nearly four months ago, I’ve had the opportunity to make dozens of pizzas in the Ooni Koda and have some additional comments I’d like to share.I’ve learned that with practice, it is possible to produce an excellent Neapolitan style pizza, with a crisp exterior and soft, chewy interior crust. To do so, I’ve had the best luck by following a few rules:Preheat the center of the stone to around 750F.Limit the diameter of the pizza to no…

Anonymous says:

If you didn’t give this 5-stars, you don’t know how to use it. Useful Tips. First off, I have NEVER made a pizza oven pizza in my life. I am a very competent chef and grillmaster, but I had zero experience with one of these contraptions. I purchased this to do make your own pizzas for our Bengals tailgate and hopefully for fun family nights in the future. We followed the Ooni dough recipe (00 flour is NOT something sold at every grocery store) and it was fantastic. Of course I watched several videos before using the oven, which is advised, but this oven is very easy to…

Anonymous says:

Great Pizza at a good price and some work Awesome pizza cooker at a really good price point. I have 5 grills outside and not a single one does pizza well. I procrastinated long enough that when I heard about the Ooni Koda I had to try it. For under $300 it was worth taking a chance. I was not disappointed. This makes great thin crust Neapolitan pizza. Don’t kid yourself, It takes some work to get there. I watched a lot of You Tube videos and read the FB Forums on pizza making. So far so good. Even took it camping with me. Talk about…

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