Outdoor Pizza Oven, Wood Fired, Insulated, w/ ...

March 5, 2020 - Comment
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Anonymous says:

I found a easy way to keep a controlled temp while curing and … I have had mine up and running for about 3 weeks now. Delivery was hassle free, driver was very pleasant and helpful. The oven curing took a bit of time but this is key to driving out any moisture from manufacture. I found a easy way to keep a controlled temp while curing and used a propane weed burner I picked up at Harbor Freight. By running it at a low setting I could run the oven for long time and gradually increased the flame over a week to raise the temp. Really worked out well for me. So…

Anonymous says:

Works Great! I love my oven. Made over 70 pizzas just this summer. Only problem is that it cracks. They give you extra material to patch it but no instructions on how to apply. Also came partially broken in shipping. I was able to glue it together and it works fine. Company did nothing to reimburse me for damage after I contacted them by email.

Anonymous says:

Very nice Pizza oven…. Great product…looks very nice and makes terrific pizza ! …. A little pricey but it has been worth it so far, though we have only had a chance to use it about 4 times before winter… Looking forward to using it a lot more in the spring and summer !

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