Pizza Peel and Pizza Paddle: Organic Bamboo Pizza ...

December 26, 2019 - Comment

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Product Features

  • Euro-design pizza peel shape is and design patent-pending.
  • NATURAL BAMBOO is your best choice to avoid sticking. Pizza dough slides smoothly to launch pie into oven or retrieve it in one easy motion.
  • SOLID AND SAFE: Won’t warp, split, or splinter. Food-safe finish will never peel or flake.
  • VERSATILE: Works perfectly for making restaurant-quality pizza in the oven or on the grill. Can double as a cutting board or serving platter.
  • QUALITY ASSURED: Luxano stands behind every product we sell. Buy from us with complete assurance. Your premium bamboo wood pizza peel will arrive safely and quickly in deluxe packaging.


Anonymous says:

Environmentally Friendly and Healthy Update!The board’s surface gets scratches if you cut on it with a sharp knife, which is a little disappointing given that it’s designed to serve and slice a pizza on. It turns out that it can’t serve as a cutting board and is more of a decorative element. Therefore, I’ve taken a star away.Fantastic-quality, 100% organic solid bamboo pizza cutting board! Not only is this pizza board made without any toxic materials, like medium-density fiberboard (MDF), artificial laminate,…

Anonymous says:

Well made, heavy duty, a bit narrow. If you’re making personal pizzas, small pizzas, etc. this is perfect. But at just under 11″ wide it could be too narrow for some. If you make your 12″ pizza crispy, you’re all set. But if you make yours with a soft crust you will have some edge drooping and obviously can’t cut on the board. For XL pizza’s it’s way too narrow.The board looks great and is a generous 1/2″ thick. The “point” is in the center, so you’ll have to hold the board at a decent angle to scoop up the pizza…

Anonymous says:

Makes for a Wonderful Charcuterie Board Originally, we had ordered this for pizza. And in that respect, it does work well. But something we hadn’t really considered until after getting it, was how wonderful it is as a charcuterie board. For the simple fact that you not only have a nice amount of space for different items, but it looks great.We had company over recently for drinks and some light snacking, and this was the perfect opportunity to break out the board. We put together a board that was impressive to our guests…

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