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Replicate a traditional wood-burning pizza oven using your charcoal grill. The PizzaQue Deluxe Kettle Grill Pizza Kit for 18-Inch and 22.5-inch Kettle Grills converts your grill into the perfect pizza oven in just minutes. The kit will allow your grill to reach cooking temperatures up to 900F. The cordierite baking stone within the kit absorbs

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Replicate a traditional -burning using your . The Kettle Pizza Kit for 18-Inch and 22.5-inch Kettle Grills converts your into the perfect pizza oven in just minutes. The kit will allow your to reach temperatures up to 900F. The cordierite baking within the kit absorbs and evenly distributes heat, eliminating hot spots. Your pizzas will cook quickly, evenly, and with that great smoky, authentic flavor. The PizzaQue Deluxe Kettle Pizza Kit gives you the experience of pizza from a traditional wood-burning oven — but without breaking the bank. Fast and easy to install, and includes a folding aluminum pizza to easily transport pizzas to and from your . Fits Weber kettle grills (18 inches and 22.5 Inches), Home Depot’s Master Forge grills (18 Inches and 22.5 Inches), plus many other similar models. (“Weber” and the Weber kettle barbecue are trademarks of Weber-Stephen products LLC.) Works with charcoal, wood chunks, or similar fuels.

HOW TO USE: Assemble out of the box following the instructions in your manual (20 minutes). Then place on grill, as shown in your manual (5 minutes). Light charcoal (20 minutes); use a charcoal starter for best results. Preheat for about 10 minutes. Use your pizza peel to slide an uncooked pizza onto the stone. Your pizza’s cook time is determined by grill temperature and your desired doneness. Use the peel to rotate your pizza halfway through cooking. When it is done, remove using the peel, slice, and serve.

PLEASE NOTE: The thermometer in your pizza kit has been calibrated to accurately measure the temperature of grill’s cooking environment; the elevated position of the grill lid while the kit is in use may result in varying readouts on the thermometer.

CAUTION: Unit will become very hot. Wait for unit to cool before handling. Use heat-safe gloves if handling on the grill. Place on a heat-safe surface if removing from your grill.

Product Features

  • Transform the kettle grill you already own into a pizza oven
  • Achieves high temperature and smoky flavor of professional, wood-fired pizza ovens (about 900 F)
  • Fits many grill models including Weber and Home Depot’s Master Forge kettle grills (18″ and 22.5″ models)
  • Cooks a pizza in 3 to 5 minutes
  • Deluxe kit includes: stainless kettle converter with built-in thermometer, 15″ round Cordierite pizza stone, 13″ wide folding aluminum pizza peel, charcoal fence and flex door with hooks (door may ship separately)


Anonymous says:

The pizza results are pretty good, after some experimentation It works mostly as advertised. The pizza results are pretty good, after some experimentation. However there are some drawbacks with this product.The ring does not fit Weber Performance grilles without modification. I relocated one of the ring mounting clips, and drilled a clearance hole for the Weber lid support, and that did it. This was easy for me to do because I have metalworking equipment, but most purchasers probably would find this impractical.The instructions…

Anonymous says:

Great accessory for the Weber kettle grill Great accessory for the Weber kettle grill. I had bought a new grill when my old Weber wore out, but instead of throwing the old one out, I used the PizzaQue to convert to a pizza oven. Works great! Gets as hot as advertised and bakes the pizza very quickly with a nice smoky crust. One caveat…it goes through some charcoal if you plan on doing a bunch of pizzas for a party, so keep extra on hand. I used some apple wood chunks and it gave the pizzas a mild, sweet smoky flavor. Fun…

Anonymous says:

So worth it! Been want one of these for a long time. Home Depot carries them for the same price but my local store was out of stock AMAZON PRIME TO THE RESCUE.Seriously this is great and I think better thank the Kettle pizza brand for the fact that it’s lower profile keeping the heat low allowing it to roll over the top of the pizza. I can get almost 4 pizzas before I need to add more wood. Still working out the kinks but I love this thing and the pizza tastes great.

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