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The Ultimate Basic Pizza Bundle For Home Use: Round Pizza Stone 16″; plus Non-stick Aluminum Pizza Peel 14″ Calling all pizza lovers!There’s no better way to make restaurant-style pizza at home than with this premium baking stone. Exclusive design guarantees the ideal crispy crust, every time. Looking for that restaurant-style pizza flavor at home? Achieve

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The Basic For Home Use: Pizza 16″; plus Non-stick Aluminum Pizza 14″

Calling all pizza lovers!
There’s no better way to make restaurant-style pizza at home than with this premium baking stone. Exclusive design guarantees the ideal crispy crust, every time.

Looking for that restaurant-style pizza flavor at home? Achieve it with the Round & Pizza Stone by Love This Kitchen! Our 16″ round Ultimate Pizza StoneTM is thicker than other brands so it retains heat better (a must for a perfectly baked pie!). PLUS, our proprietary Core Convection TechnologyTM projects heat inwards to ensure an evenly cooked, crispy crust that will have your family’s mouths watering! No more gross, soggy center.

We’ve added a patent-pending “no-slip” pizza stopper feature on one side of the stone to prevent the pie from sliding off when you remove it from the oven. Our stone is also slightly elevated, providing an edge that gives you better leverage when handling it.

Simulates restaurant brick ovens
For baking pizza, bread & other foods
Convection design to ensure a crisp crust
Thicker to provide better heat retention & durability
Stopper & “ledge” feature for easier handling
Ideal to make pizza both in the oven or on the grill. This stone has been tested at high temperatures by our customers on Kamado Joe, Weber, Traeger, Big Green Egg and many other Commercial & Professional, Charcoal or Gas, BBQ Grills
Care & instruction manual, and Online Video Tutorial included
Dough, sauce & pizza recipes included (online) plus our 108 Pizza Recipes eBook (sent via email).

Look, if you want pizza that rivals the best restaurant pizza, you need a high-quality stone. THIS IS IT! What a great way to SAVE MONEY and spend more quality time with your family. Makes a great housewarming, shower, Christmas or wedding gift, too!

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Product Features

  • ✅ DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY – The #1 complaint about “pizza sets” is that they are made of inferior components, lowering quality to “offer a better deal”: The slim stone breaks after a few uses, the peel is made of low quality (pine? bamboo?), has a short handle (dangerous!) and the pizza cutter wobbles and barely has an edge on it, mushing instead of cutting the pizza.
  • ✅ THE ONLY KIT YOU’LL EVER NEED – On the contrary, our Ultimate Pizza Bundle has our Top Of The Line Pizza products: Our proprietary ThermaShock Cordierite (ceramic compound) 16″ Round pizza stone with Core Convection Technology, and the 14″ aluminum, nano-ceramic coated, non-stick Pizza Peel (with a 10″ handle), all guaranteed to give you a long time of delicious, crunchy, melty pizzas at home.
  • ✅ SAFER AND TASTY COOKING – We use third party, internationally recognized testing labs, to make sure that only food safe materials are used on all our Pizza Tools (Stones, Peels & Cutters). This ultimate pizza baking set will not change the taste of your food or transfer any foreign materials during the cooking process. Anything you bake will always be crispy, tasty and safe -you can also bake bread, cookies and flatbreads with them.
  • ✅ 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – At Love This Kitchen, we take everyday tools and redesign them to make them better, stylish, and practical for the inner Chef in all of us. Using only the best materials, we create top of the line kitchen tools that are made to last. Established in USA since 2002, here is our promise: If you aren’t 100% thrilled with your purchase, just contact Amazon within 60 days for a full refund. Plus, all our products have a limited Lifetime Guarantee, so Order Now!
  • ✅ GREAT FOR THE OVEN AND GRILL – With a stone thicker than the competition and a peel with a 10 inches-long angled handle, this kit will resist temperatures of up to 1500 degrees and protect your hands in the meantime. The best part? The stone’s measurement will help you make the of even a smaller oven’s space (check oven size before purchasing). PLUS STAY TUNED for your eBook (sent via email)! Offer includes: a) 108 Pizza Recipes, b) Instructions Manual, and c) Online Video Tutorial.


Anonymous says:

– The stopper makes it easy to use This pizza stone is different from the rest, no doubt, so there are many aspects to take into account:PROS:- It’s heavier and thicker than other stones, so, for now, it seems to be much more resistant. I’ve already used it a few times and it shows no signs of cracking, but time will tell.- The stopper makes it easy to use, you can just shake your pizza onto it without worrying it will fall and get it on the peel quickly to take it out.- It retains heat amazingly…

Anonymous says:

Believe the reviews, chemical odors DO emanate from this stone made in China. We have cooked pizzas in “pizza steels”, “pizza ceramics” , and “pizza stoneware”, but this product with cordierite has a chemical odor even after using it three times. We never used soaps or cleaning liquids with it, we thought the initial odor would subside after heating at 500f and preparing the first pizza. After the third pizza, with the odor lasting in the room for hours after cooking, even permeating into the pizza, we decided that all the reviews complaining of this very thing are…

Anonymous says:

Bad chemical oder and taste! I did NOT use soap on it. I’ve used the stone 3 times and it now has a strong oder that makes the food taste like chemicals and stinks up the house. I did NOT use soap on it, as the instructions state not to. I’ve had it a month and a half, so it is not returnable through Amazon. It is too bad, because the first two times I used it, the pizza crust was amazing. However, I do not recommend this stone, as the chemical taste is so bad I have to throw it away.

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