Winco APZS-16 Winware 16-Inch Seamless Aluminum ...

January 11, 2020 - Comment

16″ Pizza Screen – Aluminum – APZS-16 Product Features Dimensions: 16″ Seamless design for more ventilation to produce a more evenly baked pizza crust Professional quality

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16″ Pizza Screen – Aluminum – APZS-16

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Anonymous says:

Good Quality Professional Pizza Screens I’ve made my share of pizza. Sometimes as many as 700 a day. I bought 2 12″ screens for my toaster/convection oven.I’d like to offer some advice on how to handle these since there seems to be some issues in other reviews. Maybe this will help someone. These only ever need to be washed once. This is before you use them for the first time.Before they’re used they need to be seasoned. This can be accomplished in a couple of ways. After washing them, oil them with any…

Anonymous says:

Perfect solution for my needs and wants without getting burnt; great fit for my small toaster oven. I ordered two of these for baking frozen Cali’flour pizza crusts, which are much more difficult to handle because of their extreme delicateness. After oven preheated, inserted frozen crust on top of s Winware screen. After 5 minutes, removed hot screen and pizza crust with long metal tongs. Placed 2nd cold screen on top of crust, flipped screens over so other side would now be on top, removed hot screen on top and put cold screen with pizza crust on top back in oven with tongs. After…

Anonymous says:

Great Pizza Accessory! I purchased the 12″ screen. I also recently purchased a counter top convection oven by Oster. This oven is supposed to handle a 12″ pizza which, as a single guy, is enough for me. The problem is finding a “true” 12″ pizza pan or screen. I discovered the hard way that many pans promoted as 12″ are really 13″ because they have a 1/2 inch lip. True, the actual pizza area is 12″ but the pan itself is too big to fit in my oven.So I was very happy to…

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